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Welcome to a world
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Immerse yourself in a world of absolute beauty, health and prosperity, nestled between the foothills of the mountains and the golden sea sand.
The mountain, the caressing breeze and the sea unite in breathtaking perfection. Reina Spa draws inspiration from this incredible harmony, using every aspect of the environment, culture and well-being to give you an unforgettable experience.

Spa Facilities
Exclusiveness, luxury and a stunning environment are the distinctive features of Reina Spa. This promises overall well-being through a variety of procedures that favor the renewal of body, mind and soul under the close attention of our specialists. Enjoy the relaxing power of the water and immerse yourself in our water and thermal areas, which have an amazing swimming pool, relaxing pool with underwater jets, children’s pool, hammam, steam bath, Finnish sauna, soft herbal sauna, room with natural Himalayan salt and relaxation area. To enhance the benefits of your treatments and maximize the enjoyment of our Spa, many of our treatments can be combined with these amazing facilities designed especially for you. Benefits include relaxation, improving the respiratory system, cleansing the body and strengthening the immune system.

Spa Programs
We present to you the possibility to try the exclusive spa experience with our specially selected 3, 5 or 7-day programs. They include different special treatments, carefully combined in perfect spa packages with a defined purpose. Our wellness specialists have found the perfect match of treatments for each of our guests, depending on their health and well-being needs.

Spa for kids and families
At Reina SPA we believe that the little ones deserve to be pampered, so we have developed a special menu that will make children feel special. The special procedures with our kiddy approach provide a great introduction to the world of Spa and Wellness care for our young guests. These services are suitable for children from 4 to 12 years. A special card for consultation is filled-in by the parent. We highly recommend that you indulge in a mother-daughter or father-son spa experience for an unforgettable family adventure.

Spa Etiquette
Reina Spa – Ultimate luxury for complete relaxation and tranquility!
Please respect the privacy of all our guests!

Health Condition
Please let us know of any medical condition, pregnancy, high blood pressure, physical illness, disability, allergy or injury that may affect your services and procedures. This will prepare our staff in advance to provide you with the best possible Spa experience. In some cases, you will be asked to complete our personal and health questionnaire.

Please seek advice if you are pregnant so that we can offer you the best possible advice for our services and the procedures most suitable for you during this special time. We have specially developed procedures for mothers-to-be in the second or third trimester. Please allow the receptionist at the Spa to guide you in choosing the most suitable service for you. Please note that water and thermal treatments are restricted during pregnancy.

Incidents and injuries
Reina Spa is not responsible for accidents or injuries suffered by a guest while at the Spa or using the Spa facilities.

In accordance with our commitment to cleanliness, safety and hygiene, our equipment is disinfected after each service and procedure.

The hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss or damaged personal items. Please keep your valuables locked in your locker during your visit.

To keep calm and relaxing atmosphere, please use your phone discreetly at the Spa. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited.

Minimal Age:
Please note that the minimum age for using the thermal area is 14 years.

Оpening hours SPA & Wellness Reina del Mar:
09:30 – 19:30
SPA Reception:
Call us: +359 877 800 236 / +359 55 045 162
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Our specialists will pamper you with different therapies:

Our specialists will pumper you with different therapies:

Finnish Sauna HVD Reina del Mar

Finnish Sauna

Saunas date back to the early 11th century, and the oldest such room, which is still used today, was built in 1906. Its temperature varies from 90 to 110 degrees. The high temperatures in the sauna help to release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, which help relieve muscle soreness and pain. Sweating also opens the pores of the skin and naturally expels the dirt from the body.

Snow room HVD Reina del Mar

Snow room

Indulge in cold bliss in our snowy room. Cheer up by rubbing ice on your warm body. It has been proven that the combination of heat and cold helps your overall well-being. This refreshing experience helps to improve motivation, focus, willpower, alertness, immunity, circulation, weight loss and even the health of your skin and hair. On the other side of the spectrum, the snow room can help you get a good night sleep, providing a refreshing way to end your day, relieving the stress of the day and relaxing in luxury.

Steam bath HVD Reina del Mar

Steam bath

The ancient Greeks and Romans indulged in a healthy and pleasant activity of sweating in steam baths. The temperature in a steam bath varies from 43 ° to 46 ° C, and at a humidity of 100% it is significantly more humid than the sauna. The steam bath is very useful for those who suffer from asthma and bronchitis, as it opens the airways and relieves congestion. We recommend that you stay for 10-15 minutes and then keep your body well hydrated. These rooms are especially useful before or after a massage to increase blood circulation.

Salt room HVD Reina del Mar

Salt room

Himalayan pink salt shines like a diamond, which testifies to its natural purity. Negative ions improve disposition and promote relaxation. It contains over 84 trace elements that are known to be essential for good health and vitality. By inhaling it raise serotonin levels, which is thought to have a positive effect on digestion, memory, sleep, appetite and mood.

Hammam HVD Reina del Mar


It has played an important role in cultures in the Middle East, serving as gathering places for people, ritual cleansing and as architectural structures. Inside the Hammam, the average temperature is 45 ° C and the humidity is almost 100%. This is a method of cleansing the body and relax. After warming the body on a preheated stone, you get a traditional Turkish peeling and foam massage, which cleanses the skin of dead cells and keeps the complexion longer.

Body & facial therapy HVD Reina del Mar

Body & facial therapy

Each procedure becomes an exclusive personal moment, created especially for you - the perfect combination of effective, professional and aesthetic experience. Our experts will emphasize your profile and priorities. They complement this in-depth analysis with an accurate diagnosis to reveal your beauty, well-being and balance between body and spirit.

Massages HVD Reina del Mar


Contact our professional therapists

Indoor pool HVD Reina del Mar

Indoor pool


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