Entertainment and Sport HVD Reina del Mar

Entertainment and Sport

Keep your spirit and body
in shape

The team of animators, trainers and artists of HVD Reina Del Mar has one goal – to create unforgettable and unique memories from your vacation. They will surprise you every day with new and spectacular events.
The daily sports activities will keep your spirit and body in shape. We practice: Zumba, Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Sport Walking and more. The guests of HVD Reina Del mar can also use the Multifunctional field, that offers tennis court, equipment for football, basketball and volleyball. You will have at your desposal the animation team as well as the personal tennis trainers.
We are organizing a great variety of games and competitions thet will keep you entertained the whole day on the beach, at the pool or in the hotel. In the night you will be fascinated by the incredible artistic program, dancing “fiestas” and magical shows.

Discover our Sports

Zumba HVD Reina del Mar


Yoga HVD Reina del Mar


Aqua Aerobics HVD Reina del Mar

Aqua Aerobics

Pilates HVD Reina del Mar


Tennis HVD Reina del Mar


Football HVD Reina del Mar


Basketball HVD Reina del Mar


Volleyball HVD Reina del Mar


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